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Meta announces new Reels ad options.

New Ad Options for Reels

Just in time for the holidays, Meta has announced these new Reels features to enhance your ad campaigns:

  • Collection ads: These Reels feature one large video/image with several smaller images in the bottom left, which users can swipe through, located under the ecomm CTA.
  • Multi-destination Reels carousel ads: You can now direct users to multiple product pages within your carousel ad to help potential customers browse items seamlessly.
  • Swipe left functionality: Users can now quickly access your landing page and shop your products with a simple swipe to the left, moving from passive to active shopping with ease.

Check out the announcement for more info on template and music optimizations, too.

Smash or Pass

Patreon debuted its new lima-beanesque logo to mixed reviews.

The Patreon logo past and present
The old Patreon logo (left) and the new (right).


If you happen to be looking for a decentralized, all-in-one social feed that combines streams and native engagement for Bluesky, Twitter, Lens, Farcaster, and Threads, and more, then Yup might be for you. It aggregates your notifications and cross-posts wherever you like, so you can build a more customized, human-centric stream.

Rapper Latto opens a HALLS wrapper in the studio

Cough Cough

Summer is over and it’s HALLS season, for better or worse. The brand tapped Latto to write little pep talks inside of cough-drop wrappers, breathing some fresh life into the packaging copy for the first time in a decade. So, yeah, they’re rapper wrappers.

Ads from the Past

Why put off till tomorrow what you can enjoy today!

Lady Borden, 1952


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