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What do Taco Bell & Crossfit Have in Common?

They’ll give you the runs! Wait, sorry, this isn’t even a riddle.

The Future of Webinars is On-Demand

With the ability to stream any TV show at any time, people just don’t watch things at a scheduled time anymore. Except for that scheduled couch time to watch GoT, we basically never watch a TV show at the time it airs. Okay and speaking of Game of Thrones, who else is feeling hurt and betrayed by the writers as of late?! We can’t be the only one missing George RR Martin’s sweet, sweet authored dialogue…

Wait, what were we talking about? Right, marketing. The reason we mentioned on-demand TV is to prove the point that people these days just wanna watch things on their own schedule. Why, then, are you still scheduling live webinars? There’s a huge opportunity with pre-recorded, on-demand webinars, and that’s what you’ll hear in today’s Listen.

Show notes and takeaways:

  • (5:45) Webinars are still one of the best marketing and customer acquisition strategies.
  • (6:40) You can still create a sense of urgency and FOMO with on-demand webinars by using countdowns that make the content disappear after a certain amount of time.
  • (9:05) Don’t pretend that your on-demand webinar is live. Tell your viewers that they’re watching a recorded webinar.
  • (11:02) Even though live-chat won’t work during a pre-recorded webinar, you can still get your audience to engage on social media or with a chatbot.
  • (12:40) You should consider un-gating some of your webinars if your goal is brand awareness, or if the webinar is more than 3 months old.

Bonus tip: if you have to do a live webinar, send a recording to people who didn’t attend, BUT only give them 24 hours to watch the recording.

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6 Brands Crushing it with Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories turned 1 at the beginning of the month and remains one of the best marketing tools for the 15 million business on Instagram. They’re an incredibly effective way to connect with your audience in fresh and memorable ways. Plus, the more you do, the more your li’l bubble is featured right at the top. Exposure, exposure, exposure…

Today’s Read is a fun one that serves up 6 examples of brands making the most out of Insta Stories — all in different ways, but all totally valuable to their specific niche.

  1. Converse really pushes the “edgy” agenda with copy like, “Peach so nice it will make you puke.” And then, yeah, someone puking. Creative aside, their Insta Story strategy seamlessly connects their content with their Story, the two working in perfect harmony for a stronger campaign.
  2. Twitter — what does a social media platform do on another social platform? They just put their social media on the other social media… Naturally, each video prompts users to swipe up to learn more, which, of course, brings them to Twitter. Twitter, you sneaky little minx.
  3. Nordstrom Rack — clothing companies thrive with a little BTS action, showing photoshoots in real time for a more intimate look. Clothes become more tangible and models, engaging with the camera, charm and welcome viewers. Nordstrom Rack takes it a step further with style tips, elevating the brand to one of a trusted, stylish friend.
  4. Game of Thrones — The 5,000+ plot holes in the show aside…No, ya know what, we can’t ignore it! Where did the Walkers get those chains? How fast can crows even fly??
    Good thing their marketing on Instagram Stories is so good…Understanding that their fans eat up GoT merch like Drogon burns soldiers, their Stories link to merchandise with fun, fan-appropriate hashtags like #reptherealm.
  5. Crossfit’s Stories might not look particularly ~aesthetic~, but they serve an international audience from a single account, all while promoting something as big as a “lifestyle”. They kill it at utilizing their resources, like user-generated content and influencer marketing.
  6. Taco Bell — ya know, we’re not really sure why this one is “crushing” Stories, besides making interesting phone wallpapers by way of quirky Taco Bell pics? But, we’ll allow it because it’s Taco Bell.

4 of the Worst Agency Self-Promo Ads Ever Produced

“Would you hire a broke stock broker? How about a hacked hacker? Then why would you hire an ad agency that sucked at advertising itself?”

Major cringing ahead in today’s Watch, which shows us just how bad agencies can be at self-promotion. When your job is to make your clients look good, one would think you’d be amazing at making yourself look good, too. But alas, the world is imperfect and so are these agencies. From a kitten in peril to an extremely cheesy corporate anthem, some of these you might not even want to watch. But, hey, perspective is key in this biz. 

Disclaimer: Because we cannot tell a lie, #4 actually made us chuckle at the end. So, like, it’s not all bad.

Sometimes success is 3% brains and 97% not getting distracted by the internet.

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