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Google is at it again

Titlepocalypse and spicy Mountain Dew?

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Understanding the Google Page Title Update

SEO and the best practices that go along with it are always changing. Google, as the most widely used search engine, is at the forefront of SEO topics marketers have to keep up with. But it can get confusing, especially when Google can keep their specific algorithm details on the down-low. 

Here are summaries of the latest updates for Google in the Summer of 2021:

  • The June Core Algorithm Update: As with many Google updates, there is a stress on quality, non-fluffy content to effectively support the search intent of users. 
  • The Page Experience Update: This will use several page experience signals, including Core Web Vitals metrics, to influence search rankings. The Page Experience report in Search Console also got a new, more streamlined version.
  • The Spam Algorithm Update: A link spam update that targets spammy links with a more broad approach.
  • The Page Title Generation Update: This is a new system of generating titles for web pages.

With that last one, site owners everywhere were left shaken up at the titles coming up in SERP’s. Search Engine Journal reported on this “Titlepocalypse,” but they also gave the scoop on how it all works. Here are the big takeaways:

  • HTML title tags will still be used as a strong consideration factor by Google.
  • Google is now treating titles as more reactive to content changes, especially for news.
  • H1 tags, on-page content, and text within links are going to have a strong pull on title generation.

Fear not! Google is also open to feedback on this update. Check out SEJ’s full post to learn more.

Q for You

Would you try the Flamin' Hot Mountain Dew?


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Scalemail Polls

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The TikTok Ages

British TV personalities Ant and Dec run through an anthology of characters entertaining throughout the ages. And at the end of that historical timeline? TikTok. Our new standard for entertainment is having a global network of content creators with every niche of humor and subculture imaginable…at the touch of a screen. But the ad had us thinking about some of the historical examples. Have we really come that far from funny dances making us smile?

Ads from the Past

1959, Alcoa

“The play button is the most compelling call-to-action on the web.”

Michael Litt


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