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Instagram Stats You Should Know

Instagram. You know her, you love her… but did you know these 2024 stats?

  • A cross-platform strategy is essential. Only 0.2% of Instagram users are unique to the platform.
  • Loosen up. 64.8% of users look for funny or entertaining content.
  • Your future customers are here. Instagram has over 2 billion monthly active users.
  • People are spending more time on the platform. US adults spend 33 minutes per day on the platform, up 3 minutes from last year.
  • It’s a near-even split. The platform has slightly more male users (51.8%) than female users (48.2%).
  • It’s mostly hip. 60% of the user base is aged between 18 and 34.
  • Ad reach is growing. There is a 12.2% year-over-year increase in ad reach.
  • Feed ads have a higher CTR than Story ads. Feed ad CTR ranges from 0.22% to 0.88%.
  • Spend is on par with other platforms. The average cost-per-click (CPC) is $0.00 – $0.25.
  • Conversion rates are going up. The average conversion rate for top-performing brands was 1%.
  • Story reach is increasing. Brands with under 10k followers experienced a 35% in Story reach rate.
  • Front-load your Stories. Story retention rate starts to dip below 75% after the seventh frame.
  • Are you Reeling yet? Reels see an average reach rate of 30.81%.
  • The gold rush is over. There was a 25% decline in Reels engagement over 2023.
  • Show your stuff. 70% of shoppers look to the platform for their next purchase.
  • Collaborate with creators. 80.8% of marketers plan to use it for influencer marketing in 2024.

Check out SproutSocial for a robust list of Instagram stats to know.

Q for You

Did your Reels get less engagement over time last year?


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Tried and True

Rockstar Energy Drink’s new campaign, “You Can Own Any Moment,” is built around a powerful science-based claim to bolster sales of its new Rockstar Focus line.

A proprietary test of the brand’s formulas with 80 subjects found that ≥160 mg of caffeine provides feelings of “increased alertness and reduced tiredness for up to 5 hours.”

It’s a significant data point that, along with an updated visual identity and video spot, is sure to resonate with increasingly wellness-minded consumers seeking to live their “best life.”

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Ads from the Past

A woman wearing a fur coat and holding glass bottles of Canada Dry products. "When Ann-Margret entertains she gives you her best."

Canada Dry, 1969


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