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The IG Metric You Should Know

This is how you rank.

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💭 Infographic: WTF is nostalgising?

☑️ YouTube is testing an AI feature that organizes Shorts comments into themes.

😰 1 in 5 consumers categorized their social media purchases as scams.

🤑 Google’s new advertising network lets advertisers place unskippable in-stream ad spots across more than 125 live channels.

💡 Google’s Search Liaison Danny Sullivan shared tips for sites struggling to get organic traffic.

📰 Most of The New York Times is now available in audio format, read by an automated voice.

🏠 Zillow’s marketing team keeps a loving eye on the rogue “Zillow Gone Wild” social accounts.

😚 Rhode’s new it-girl blush is so getting lost in your bag.

Adobe Generative Fill Prompt: “A retro television. Vaporwave.”

Head of Instagram Shares Algo Insights

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Instagram chief Adam Mosseri has shared new insights about the platform’s ranking considerations in a new interview with Colin and Samir.

Let’s break it down:

  • As we know, video rules all. Short-form content now accounts for over half of the time users spend on Instagram. And half of all video impressions are viewed without sound, so compelling visuals and captions are crucial.
  • The platform is embracing the shift toward private engagement, prioritizing the “sends per reach” metric to determine distribution.
  • Instagram is increasingly relying on an AI-driven algorithm, recommending content from accounts from outside of a user’s immediate network to promote discovery.
  • The platform is ranking content that is shared within private circles higher than widely shared posts to keep UX healthy.

Don’t miss the conversation on YouTube.

Q for You

Is nostalgia part of your content strategy?


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Red Lobster Crabfest

Support Your Red Lobster

So, Red Lobster declared bankruptcy, and the freaked out about the potential of a future without Cheddar Bay biscuits.

Then, Red Lobster sent us all that weird paternal email clarifying that they’re not actually going out of business.

Now, they’re so back with a Crabfest® promo featuring yr boi Flavor Flav. Hopefully someone ran the numbers on the free crab this time.

Ads from the Past

Red Lobster, 1960s

Red Lobster, 1960s


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