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The Mystery Burger

How unbranded promotion is working for one greasy, cheesy chain.

How to Get Social Media Traffic When You Have No Followers (& No Money)

Question of the day: how the heck do you get people to your social media profiles if you don’t have followers yet? Neil and Eric over at Marketing School are sharing some ways to do it, for free.99.

A lot of this advice involves sticking your proverbial neck out and talking to people you don’t know. So for all you wallflowers out there, just pretend everyone is in their underwear—wait we’re mixing up our advice.

We’ll just let Neil and Eric take it from here:

  • (00:44) Google similar keywords that relate to your content and find other posts.
  • (00:51) Get the most popular keywords and type them in the Twitter search box. It will show you every person who shared that post.  
  • (00:55) Email people who have tweets related to your keywords and see if they want to see your post.
  • (01:28) Harness the ol’ “If you like it, feel free to share it” tactic to get more social shares.
  • (01:53) How rehashing hashtags can stimulate more engagement.
  • (02:26) Leverage Insta by building “pods” with Direct Messaging where people share their posts with one another.
  • (02:54) Join multiple pods, but make sure you’re adding value to them.
  • (03:09) The importance of reaching out to the right people. We know you want traffic, but being selective has its benefits.

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Get Your Customers To Write Your Landing Page Copy

Copywriting is one of those things that can make or break a landing page and, more importantly, an entire website. But it’s pretty dang difficult. A lot of companies don’t have dedicated copywriters on staff. So what do you do?

Have your customers write your landing page copy! We’re definitely not telling you to call up your customers and ask them to write your landing page, but what we are saying is that you should use their dreams, fears, and objections to write your copy.

Right…sooo…how do you go about finding that? Today’s Read has you covered.

First, start by collecting feedback from current and past customers. You can do this with all the usual tactics: surveys, emails, feedback forms, customer testimonials, etc.

Pro-tip: Make sure you’re getting the “why” from these customers. It’s nice that they loved your service, but why they loved it is way more helpful for writing your landing page copy. Do your best to get emotional responses. Emotion = conversions.

From there, organize all of their dreams, fears, and objections on a nice spreadsheet. Look for ideas, trends, commonly used words, and anything else that stands out.

Finally, take that boiled down data and put it into action to catch new customers who are just like your old ones.

You can use these insights in your headlines (do it), intro text (it’ll make a big impact), subheadings (for serious), and the benefits section (absolutely yes).

There’s one more spot you can use this info: add a testimonials section to your landing page. It’ll give a big boost to your conversion rate. Promise.

The Mystery Burger: Which Bun is in the Oven? 

Gotta hand it to BK for thinking outside the branded box in their latest promotion — the mystery burger. ::DUN DUN DUN::

Surprisingly, it’s not as scary as it sounds. Customers can get one of ten signature BK sandwiches (selected at random), which is served in an unbranded white box. Bringing a whole new meaning to “mystery meat,” amirite? 

The agency executive creative director, Georges Mohammed-Chérif, reveals an interesting mindset when discussing the promotion: “We have to give people an opportunity to discover Burger King’s products, but without hard selling or aggressive promotions that are not good for the brand.”

Never thought we’d see a fast-food operation operating like that.  

“When you talk to your customers the same way your competition does, no one can hear you.”
Derek Halpern

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