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The next generation of marketing

plus – Twitter targeting you, a sweet guide and Square marketing.

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Winning at Content with Gen Z

While marketers don’t have millennials completely figured out, they have a pretty good handle on what they want and how they buy, but…

A new challenge is here. Any guesses?

A.) Generation Z.

Generation Z was born between 1997 and 2012. That puts the oldest of them at 22 years young. Gen Z is said to hold about $143 billion in spending power.

As marketers, it’s in your best interest to dial in your Gen Z strategy now. A connection with these folks is nearly impossible without amazing content.

So, here are some tips to ramp up your engagement and win with Gen Z.

  • Digital is king: 65% of Gen Z members prefer email for brand communications. This generation doesn’t know anything but being connected. Don’t confuse connectivity with ignorance though. Gen Z expects diversity and inclusion. Keep your content as authentic as possible and avoid words, slang, and imagery that are exclusionary.
  • Video is key: Gen Z averages 68 videos per day across their favorite platforms. 68! A survey by Ispos and Google found that Gen Z’eers chose YouTube as their number one way to cheer up and relax. Don’t overthink your video strategy. Just keep it real. Seriously.
  • They want to learn: 80% of Gen Z’ers have used YouTube to become more knowledgeable about something. Spend some time figuring out what your Gen Z audience cares about. Then, teach ’em. Short videos or skill-based blogs are a great place to start.

Get a couple more tips below.

Square Marketing

Hey Square users.

Create, send, and track email marketing campaigns in minutes with Square marketing.

The fine folks at Square launched their own email marketing software where you can easily design custom emails, set up automated campaigns, and see how your marketing efforts affect your bottom line—right from your Square Dashboard.


Twitter is targeting you (marketers and advertisers) in their latest ad campaign.

Here’s the first ad in the series.

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Facebook Question of the Day

Kate says, “Very impressed with the marketing team who responded/had crafted messaging to all the negative comments for this post. Over 1000+ comments so far (a lot seem to be backlash) and instead of ignoring the controversy or backing out of their stance, they just responded to all the negativity and even some clear trolls. Busy day for chacos social media team I’d wager.”

“Your culture is your brand”
Tony Hsieh

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