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Lessons from fables, Facebook, and…the Muppets?

Critiquing Facebook Ads (Good News for You)

We won’t lie, we love critiquing someone else’s work. (Though, we like to think we’re nicer than the cantankerous duo above.) The good work always provides us with inspiration and ideas, while the bad work is a reminder of what not to do.

We do this a lot with Facebook ads since they’re always popping up in our newsfeed, and so do our friends over at DigitalMarketer.

Three of their experts break down eight Facebook ads in today’s Listen – what they did right, what they did wrong, and how they straight-up missed the mark.

The hosts also cover what you can do if you’re not a great ad copywriter, and how to prevent your ads from discouraging people’s clicks. No one wants that.

Lessons from Spending $100k on Facebook Ads

A little bit of money goes a looong way with Facebook ads. It stands to reason that a lot of money will go an even longer way. So, what happens if you throw $100,000 at your Facebook ads?

One company, Klipfolio, actually decided to find out. They aren’t even a giant company! They’re a small startup, so that $100k really had to pay off for them. They learned a lot about baking with that much dough. Here are a few of their lessons:

  1. Ads go stale. You can’t just set ‘em and forget ‘em. You need to refresh those ads with new creative and copy every few weeks. Otherwise, your CPC will rise because people will get tired of seeing your ads.
  2. Match your ads with your landing pages. A disconnect there leads to lower conversion rates.
  3. Video advertising can be huge! When done right. (Insider tip: you don’t need a huge budget to do these right.)
  4. Don’t be afraid to experiment. That means actually trying new things, not just pretending.

There’s so much good stuff in this post that it was hard to summarize.

How to Kill It Next Year

Today’s Watch is a clip starring Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer for MarketingProfs. Handley pushes her listeners to imagine it was December 2017 (whoa, we’re halfway there), so we can start thinking now about the elements and approaches that will produce best-in-class content. She’s got some wise words about the benefits of not sprinting to the finish line. 

“Everything we do feels like we have to do it faster, right? We want more leads. We want more sales…We want it all and we want it as fast as possible. But the folks who produce this amazing content didn’t get there by going faster. They actually got there by slowing down…”

Take it from the tortoise.

“Creativity may well be the last legal unfair competitive advantage we can take to run over the competition.”
Dave Trott

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