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3 Rules for Writing, According to Science

Tired of people TLDR-ing your content?

Scientists analyzed over 650k reading sessions and found 3 elements that keep people reading until the end.

  1. Keep it simple, stupid. Use shorter, common, and concrete words for clarity. When your content is  easy to mentally process, people are 25% more likely to finish it.
  2. Avoid long, complex sentence structures, and eliminate passive voice.
  3. Capture attention with emotional language and an excited, anxious, or hopeful tone.

Dig into the study at Ariyh.

Q for You

Did your brand acknowledge or celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 to October 15)?


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A Frankenstein monster head in a jar rests on a pub bar. Behind the bar is another Frankenstein monster.

Get Freaky

Dietz & Watson’s hottest new pub is Frank & Stein’s. Come for the mummy dogs, stay for the creepy characters you’ll meet at the bar.

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It's the real thing,

Coca-Cola, 1971


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