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Remote work is good for you

plus – retargeting your email subs, too high to drive, and instant cash.

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4 Reasons to Retarget Your Email Subscribers on Facebook

Why would you retarget your email subscribers on Facebook? Heck, you’re already reaching them. Seems counterintuitive, right?


Here’s why.

  1. Connect with people in a more relaxed setting: How many emails flood your inbox on a given day? Research shows that the average office worker receives 121 emails per day 😱. That’s a lot of email. More often than not, that ‘starred’ email you intended to read later doesn’t get read. People are more likely to convert when they’re not feeling external pressures (ie: work). Tip: Retarget them in the evening after work. Try to keep your Facebook ad message similar to your email. It’ll help your audience make the connection.
  2. Always stay in front of your audience: Ever hear of the “rule of 7?” It states that a prospect needs to “hear” your message at least 7 times before they take action to buy your product or service. If you’re looking to increase your ad frequency, we recommend using Facebook and email.
  3. Your company will seem large and your reach broad: When your ad starts appearing all over the place, it establishes trust and authority with your audience. People will assume you’re bigger than you are.
  4. Lookalike audiences are amazing for reach: Don’t overlook the benefits of creating a lookalike audience from your email list. It’s one of the easiest ways to reach new audiences that share similar interests to your current audience.

Alright, now head over to Facebook, upload your email list and fire up a Facebook campaign.

Facebook Ads
are our jam.

Why Everyone Loves Remote Work

Remote work is becoming the new norm.

The ‘Remote Work’ report from fyi features 180+ remote work tips, embarrassing remote work stories, how people really feel about remote work and more.

This report is jam-packed with all things remote. It’s definitely worth a glance.

Too High To Drive

Back to back PSA ad spots. This one comes out of Ontario, Canada.

In 2018, Canada legalized recreational cannabis use. Their latest ad spot is a reminder to enjoy the high, but just don’t drive.

Ads from the Past


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