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plus – how to stay focused, Facebook versus Venmo and a funny watch.

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4 Ways to Focus in a Distracted World

We’re mixing it up today because let’s face it; you can’t do your job well if you’re distracted.

A UC Irvine study showed that, on average, we are interrupted every 11 minutes, and it takes an average of 25 minutes to get back on track.

25 minutes is a long time to get back on track.

So, what’s the fix?

A quick Google search will give you a lot to process, but we think it all starts with the calendar.

Here are 4 easy steps to take:

  1. What’s the source? Start by understanding where your disruptive notifications are coming from. Is it Slack, Instagram, Facebook, etc? Set aside one day this week to take note of where your distractions are coming from.
  2. Create buckets: The goal here is to minimize task switching. Let’s say you have 2 projects that require a lot of writing. Put those 2 items in your writing bucket. Now rinse and repeat with your other projects.
  3. Time Blocking: You’ll want to use your calendar for this tactic (we have a pretty killer recommendation in the tool section below 👇🏽).  Set aside specific blocks of time to work on specific projects. Time blocking will help you proactively plan and manage your day.
  4. Shut it down: You’ll need to dig deep for this one, but you’ll thank us later. The goal with a time block is to focus specifically on the task at hand. When you start your time block, turn off all notifications on your phone and computer. Just do it!

Your Next Calendar

Alright, now that you’re ready to get your focus on, we have just the right tool for ya.

It’s called Woven

Woven not only allows you to time block with ease, but it also creates an effortless way to schedule and manage meetings. It’s no surprise that Woven was chosen as the best productivity app for 2019 by the Appy Awards.

From smart templates to scheduling links and travel planning, Woven has a ton of amazing features to offer. The best part? It’s completely free…for now. 

Do yourself and your productivity a favor and check it out today. 👇🏽

Guys with ‘Entrepreneur’ in their bio

“It’s not called ‘living with your parents’ if you pay them rent.”

Here’s an oldie, but goodie from Trevor Wallace. Have yourself a laugh.

Facebook Question of the Day

Ashley says, “Hey, Carnies! I’m applying for a job that requires the resume/cover letter be sent to HR via email. I always struggle with what to put within the body of the email that’s not already in the CL. Anyone have any cute lines they use?”

Ads from the Past

“The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed.”
William Gibson


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