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Target LinkedIn ads by job function, not title.

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🕵️ Google has agreed to destroy browsing data collected in Incognito mode.

💬 You can now use ChatGPT without logging in.

💸 The subsidies have run dry. TikTok Shop commission costs will jump to 8% by July.

🍕 Take a look behind Papa John’s new “Better Get You Some” brand platform.

🧀 Maybe she’s born with it. Or maybe it’s Velveeta Gold hair dye?

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How Are You Targeting Your LinkedIn Ads?

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Are you targeting your LinkedIn Ads based on job title?

The folks at Cognism suspected this tactic was limiting their reach by excluding relevant job titles. So, they pivoted to targeting job functions instead.

Here’s how:

  1. First, they started with refining their ideal customer profile (ICP).
  2. Next, they created a process to identify exclusions based on industry, job title, etc.
  3. Then, they monitored their demographic reports for irrelevant job titles.
  4. They adjusted their internal definition of enterprise to target more relevant companies.
  5. Finally, they added exclusions to their ads, much like negative keywords in Google Ads.

Did it work?

At first, their LinkedIn Ads did hit irrelevant job titles. But with continual optimizations, they doubled their reach, boosted engagement 3x, and saw growth and pipeline increase by 26%.

Read more about the tactic at CXL.

Smash or Pass

Lamborghini debuted a redesigned, flattened logo (right) for a new era of sustainability.

Lamborghini Logo Redesign


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Target Lady

Target Lady Returns

Kristen Wiig has reprised her “Target Lady” character, made famous by SNL, for a new campaign for Target.

The oversharing, bowl-cut sporting, high-pitched hollering fan favorite is here to promote Target Circle Week with various sketches, and she’s rumored to stick around for a while.

Ads from the Past

Jif, 1978

Jif, 1978


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