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YOLO is coming back

plus – how to create content for boring industries, and a smile adjuster.

Be in the Know

  • What’s the deal with the Uber and Lyft strikes? An interesting take here.
  • #PixelWars. 64-megapixel phone cameras are coming.
  • A better search experience is on its way for news and podcast says Google.
  • There’s a new kid on the block for teen apps. YOLO, a Q&A platform hit the coveted #1 spot in the app store. 

Creating Content for Boring Industries

This isn’t a knock to BuzzFeed or any similar site. Actually, it’s more envy.

With content titles ranging from, “Drunk Vs. High Operation,” to “Here Are The Unbelievably Normal Jobs ‘Game Of Thrones’ Stars Had Before The Show,” you get the sense that the ideation process might come easier than your local car insurance outfit.

We think it’s safe to assume that more folks are creating content for (inherently) boring industries rather than the BuzzFeed’s of the world.

So, how do you create content for ‘boring industries?’

  1. Simplify your topic: If you’re working with a complex topic, think about ways to redefine it. People want to understand the articles they read as quickly as possible. Don’t dumb your topic down to the level of insulting your audience, but consider writing at the 6th to 8th-grade level to make it as digestible as possible. This is all contingent on who you’re actually writing for.
  2. Interview an expert: If you’re tasked with a piece of content that’s way over your head, reach out to a subject matter expert (SME) and have them break down the lingo, jargon, etc. As you absorb new information, think about ways to craft your copy in your own voice.
  3. Research: As boring as your industry might be, it exists for a reason. As marketers, we know the importance of audience development, but have you gone deeper than that? Head over to Reddit or Quora and do a deep dive into what people are talking about. A little bit of research goes a long way.

Need content?

The Zuck Smile

Disclaimer: This tool serves no real utility outside of a good 2.5-second laugh.

We’re not smiling, you’re smiling!

We Make a Home a Nest

Google unveiled its new 10in Google Nest.

You’d never know from the latest commercial that it functions as a security camera, thermostat control, video phone, voice assistant and more.

But, there are some touching moments. What do you think?

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