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What’d You Say?

Apple’s automated pod transcripts.

Happy Last Monday of January.

Be in The Know

Apple Announces Automated Podcast Transcripts

Transcripts are coming to Apple’s Podcasts app. Here’s what you should know:

 For listeners:

  • Read the full text of an episode.
  • Search an episode and skip to an exact word or phrase.
  • Follow along as each spoken word is highlighted.

For podcasters:

  • A transcript will be generated automatically shortly after episode publication.
  • Podcasters may still provide their own transcripts, or download, edit, and re-upload automatically generated transcripts.
  • Apple will not update segments that have been changed with dynamically inserted audio after the original transcription is complete.
  • Music lyrics will not be included in transcripts.
  • Transcripts for backlog episodes will be added over time.

Check out Apple’s announcement for more on this major win for accessibility (and searchability).

Q for You

How do you consume your podcasts?


If you think your search history is really none of your browser’s business, try out Arc. It’s a Chrome replacement for Mac users that’s wicked powerful, pretty, and private. We like the Split View option, the sidebar dashboard of tabs and bookmarks, and the Spaces feature, which lets you toggle between modes and profiles way more seamlessly than Chrome.

Michael CeraVe

CeraVe seems to be ramping up for an absurdist game-day spot, and we can’t wait.

Actor Michael Cera has been “spotted” out and about—notably by CeraVe partner influencers— carrying massive bags of CeraVe lotion and even signing bottles in a pharmacy.

Then, he turned up on TikToker Bobbi Althoff’s “The Really Good Podcast,” where he doesn’t exactly deny the rumors that he’s the new brand owner, offering: “If you look at my name, my name is Michael Cera.”

So far, this is a bizarre and playful use of fake UGC from a TikTok hero brand. Let’s see where it goes.

wait this michael cera x cerave campaign is so good love that they're leading with chaos/confusion

Ads from the Past

When I'm eating dell O I wish I were a pelican because then I could show everyone how JellO fills the bill when it comes to delicious desserts!

Jell-O, 1954


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