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Who knows you best?

Facebook demographics & too many Chrome tabs.

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How accurate do you believe Facebook's user data is?

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27 Facebook Demographics to Inform Your Strategy in 2021

We’ve all experienced the creative spellings of our names at Starbucks. (Venti latte for Daylee Karnaj!) Hopefully, nobody is truly upset about these funny misspellings. Those hard-working baristas already have enough to worry about.

While your name (or something close enough) lives on a Starbucks cup for you to see, it lives online for Facebook to see (given you use Facebook.) And it isn’t just your name. As marketers, this isn’t anything new, but keeping up with the quantity and quality of Facebook’s data can help us make better marketing decisions. Today, Hootsuite brings us 27 Facebook demographics to inform your strategy in 2021.

  • Facebook estimates that at least 412 million accounts are fake or duplicate. Facebook removed almost 3 billion fake profiles in Q2 and Q3 2020. That’s more than its number of monthly active users (2.74 billion)! Furthermore, about 11% of those monthly active users are duplicate accounts.
  • User growth in Europe bounced back in 2019. Facebook saw a small decline in European users during privacy scandals in 2018, which resulted in a drop from 376 million to 375 million monthly active users. That number rebounded in 2020 when Facebook recorded 410 million monthly active users in Europe.
  • Half of Facebook users speak a language other than English. Facebook users hail from all over the world bringing an array of experiences, preferences, and languages to the platform. Understanding the primary languages spoken by your audience can help you better meet the needs of your audience and perhaps even inform expansion to new markets.
  • More than a quarter of people feel Facebook does not classify them correctly. If you’ve ever been served an ad you feel is entirely irrelevant to you, then you might find yourself questioning the accuracy of Facebook’s data. You’re not alone. However, 59% of users feel Facebook classifications are “very accurate”. The platform certainly knows a lot about its users, but it doesn’t know everything.

Read on for more Facebook stats.

The Great Suspender

People spend a hefty chunk of time online. Be it personal use or for work, we demand a lot from our computers. If Chrome is your go-to browser and you love keeping tabs (literally), then ease up your computer’s resources with The Great Suspender.

This Chrome extension frees up some of the memory Chrome uses by suspending tabs that you haven’t clicked for a designated amount of time. This means you can keep those tabs without them straining your CPU. You can choose which tabs to suspend and even auto-detect which ones are playing audio so music and podcast streams will keep playing.

Help Dad

Remember those high school weekends sneaking in late after hanging out with friends well past curfew? It must be harder for kids these days with all the available smart security devices. Teens will accept the challenge nonetheless.

Oatly brings us this ad with a dad guilty of something similar. His son has waited up only to see him quietly come through the door to deposit some milk in the fridge. That’s a big no-no in this teen’s book.

Ads from the Past

1983, Adidas

“How to write a good email: 1) Write your email. 2) Delete most of it. 3) Send.”

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