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-plus SEO hype to avoid, Michael Scott and a new streaming service.

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Stop the SEO Hype

It’s SEO Monday!

Regardless of what space you’re in, something is always trending.

When it comes to SEO, it seems like there’s a new tactic or strategy every other day. We’re gonna address some of those trends and a few reasons you should avoid the hype.

Let’s do it.

  1. Voice Search: It’s important to know the difference between voice search and voice assistance. Voice assistance will tell you the time, weather (etc.), while voice search will find you a late night diner after a few adult beverages. Why it’s overrated? Voice search is down in 2019 compared to the last 2 years. If you have a voice strategy in place that is bringing in revenue, good on ya, but the reality is that voice search is still in its infancy. We’re not suggesting to abandon voice search altogether, but do your research and follow the revenue.
  2. Obsessive Rank Tracking: It’s not necessary to track every single keyword you find during your research phase. Why? The search intent behind every keyword is different. What to do differently: Focus on fewer keywords. It’ll vary based on your client, but 30 keywords are a heck of a lot easier to manage than 100.
  3. Guest Posting: Does guest posting still work? Sure. But, if you’re not being featured on high-quality sites, there’s a chance that Google will detect link spam. Solution: Stay away from guest posting networks and focus your energy on publications in your industry.

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Have a Laugh

It’s tax day folks. You deserve a laugh. Enjoy the very best of Michael Scott.

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