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You talkin’ to me?

Things just got personal, new social media features, and spooked cats.

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11 Email Personalization Tactics for Max Impact

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Your name is most likely not Mary unless you’re the .2% on our list with that wonderful name. But if you are one of these Marys, then we’re off to an excellent start with our email personalization. For now, we’ll thank all the Marys out there for being loyal subscribers and we’ll discover 11 email personalization tactics for max impact courtesy of Visiture.

First off, personalization is extremely powerful, and the vast majority of marketers and shoppers agree it’s important. Did you know segmented campaigns have resulted in revenue increases of 760%? And personalization drives sales increases to the tune of 20%. It’s a big deal.

  1. Create Personalized Subject Lines. Hearing your name and even thinking you heard your name grabs your attention. Seeing your name as you skim the subject lines in your inbox does the same. Whether it results in a click or not, it focuses your attention even for a fleeting moment. Putting names in subject lines leads to more opens. It’s that simple.
  2. Demographic Segmentation. Your audience is all over the place. Geographically, professionally, socially, financially, and more. Segmenting groups based on differences will help you target them more effectively. Your message for a sophomore biology major vs a partner in a law firm will benefit from some nuance – and segmentation can help you deliver.
  3. Exploit Browsing Histories. Marketers love cookies. When someone spends time reading about a product on one of your pages, you gain valuable information you can use by sending an email about that product to the person browsing. Further incentivize conversions by sending the email with a special offer included.
  4. Leverage Purchase Histories. When you know exactly what a customer will buy, then you can target them with similar offerings. Don’t ignore purchase history. Upselling and cross-selling are made easier with this information.

Read on for 8 more great tips.

Hemingway Editor

Developing a writing style takes time, and people respond better to certain styles. Writing is a science and an art. While your emails may not make it to print as New York Times best sellers, you can still write like a best seller with the Hemingway Editor.

This writing tool gives you immediate feedback on your content. Remove redundant words or see suggestions for maintaining an active voice. This tool also provides simpler alternatives for your writing and disclaimers when a sentence is difficult to read. Your written content will look better than ever.

Work With Us

There’s a super secret organization behind this newsletter plotting to hook up your inbox with killer content every day. Well, the secret’s out now.

Now that you’re in on it, you should know we do way more than newsletters. Tell us your own plans for your marketing and all things digital, and we’ll help put those plans into action.

Scaredy Cat

Cats can pull some death-defying stunts. They’re fearless for the most part and don’t like taking any sass even though they have plenty to dish out. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

Temptations gives us this spooky short about a cat prowling around its house one stormy night. It’ll keep you on the edge of your seat waiting for ghosts or ghouls, but you’ll never expect what does come. Perhaps a cat’s greatest fear…

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1976, Blue Diamond

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