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Your content is a mess

plus – an easier content calendar, WeWork removes phone booths, and Fornite goes down.

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How to Organize Your Content Like a Pro

Whether you’re on a large or small team, content can get messy. Real messy.

You’d be surprised by the number of our clients that end up having way more content than they realized by simply organizing it. From presentations to images, videos, reports, etc.; content comes in all forms.

It’s not uncommon for folks who work on large teams to be siloed in their content marketing efforts. There’s a good chance that other departments are likely creating their own content simultaneously.

To avoid this mess of content, we’re gonna share a few tips on getting your content organization dialed in.

  • Put everything in one place: This might sound obvious, but if your assets are scattered across different Slack channels, emails, and storage services, it’ll be hard to find what you need when you need to find it. Save everyone some stress and create an organized central location for all of your marketing assets.
  • Take stock and define your popular assets: There’s no point in keeping low-res, unusable images. You’ll save a ton of time on the backend by taking stock of your current content inventory and trashing what you can’t use.
  • Tag your assets: Make it easier for you and your team to find relevant content by tagging your assets with themes, target audiences, usage restrictions, or whatever else you want. We use Airtable for its easy-to-use tagging feature.
  • Put your content in a calendar: We’re piggybacking off the above here, but when you can see your content efforts in one place, it’ll ensure that you’re aligned with your overall strategy. See the tools section below for a 🔥 recommendation.

Your New Content Calendar

Organize anything, with anyone, from anywhere.

If you’re really ready to get your content marketing dialed in, we can’t recommend Airtable enough.

It’s your one-stop-shop for all things content marketing. Airtable allows you to store assets, plan out your content pipeline, automatically see deadlines on a calendar and so much more.

Don’t believe us? Check out what folks in our Facebook group are saying. 

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Darkness Takeover

Harry Potter fan or not, this video is pretty dang cool.

Ad agency AKA NYC partnered up with the producers of Broadway’s Harry Potter and the Cursed Child to create an immersive, visual experience in Times Square.

“We all want quick fixes and wins. That’s human but short sighted. Successful content marketing demands a long game mindset.”
Jeff Bullas

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