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10 Social Media Trends That’ll Be Huge in 2022

Later is a pretty cool content scheduler and they know their stuff about social media. To help marketers out everywhere, they put together a helpful list of where they think social media trends are at and where they are going in 2022.

  1. The Creator Economy Will Boom: Many platforms have already heavily invested in creator marketplaces and creator tools.
  2. More Streamlined Social Commerce: 2021 saw e-commerce tools pop up on every platform, and it’s gonna get easier from here.
  3. Short-form Vertical Video Is Here to Stay: And we’re excited to see the new ways of creative editing that come with it.
  4. An Emphasis on Mental Health & Burnout Prevention: We all know that breaks are important, but more brands are driving that home.
  5. A Renewed Focus on Accountability & Diversity: The past two years brought reflection on important social issues. 2022 is a time to revisit those promises of change.
  6. Memes, Memes, Memes: Can’t stop. Won’t stop. And they’re only growing thanks to TikTok and Reels memes from audio.
  7. Social Media Posts as Currency: Remember when it was a simple “like for like”? Now you could get a free burger for a TikTok (aka intimate brand awareness).
  8. Rise of the LinkedInfluencer: WFH culture gave LinkedIn a resurgence, and it’s showing.
  9. The “No Filter” Feed Takes Over: We’ve known for years that people want content that keeps it real. Dedicate your feeds to real stuff only.
  10. Brands Let Loose on TikTok: It’s a chaotic content playground and chemistry lab – and brands are ready to get weirder with it this year.

Check out the full blog post by Later for all the social media deets. They even put together this helpful infographic:


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