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3 SEO Reports To Build in GA4

If you manage SEO campaigns, consider quickly building these 3 reports on Google Analytics 4 to easily monitor the impact of organic search traffic on your business:

  1. SEO Pages report: Use this report to pinpoint those pages that require more optimization to rank in SERPs and increase web traffic, conversations, and sales. Are your top performers the pages you expected or are there glaring omissions?
  2. SEO Profiles report: Identify your ideal customer—their locations, interests, device and browser preferences, age groups, and other characteristics—to attract more of them. Insights from this report can help you rework the language on your site and in your messaging, as well as redefine your ad audiences, to make more meaningful connections with your target.
  3. SEO Paths report: Discover and remove roadblocks that are preventing your visitors from becoming leads and customers by analyzing Traffic Flow and Converstion Flow. Maybe you need to add a call-to-action on a page where users typically drop off, add an upsell to your checkout process, or even remove a page. This report requires that you add events and conversions to your GA4 property.

Visit Search Engine Watch for a step-by-step guide to build each report.


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