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How to write a landing page for problem-aware visitors

Ever come across a page where something is just off? You’re not sure what it is, but you know your expectations aren’t met. That feeling is being problem-aware. You know there’s a problem even if you don’t quite understand it, aka something smells smelly. 

So how do we as marketers address this landing page experience? Copyhackers knows just what it takes to deliver a proper landing page for problem-aware visitors. The main thing to keep in mind is using empathy as a key ingredient in showing problem-aware visitors that you’re worth trusting.

Pitfall #1: Misplacing the source of the pain. A problem-aware visitor will more easily see the value when the problem references a specific situation – not just a generic framing of a problem.

It’s probably not a matter of the problem being too complex, but rather they haven’t fully considered their own situation.

Pitfall #2: Focusing on the surface-level problem. Most problems driving solution-seekers are actually just symptoms of the real causes. External problems are the symptoms, and internal problems are the causes. Finding the internal problem is a demonstration of empathy.

  • External problem: “I need a content calendar.”
  • Internal problem: “I’m disorganized with my current approach, and my ideas and content pieces are scattered.”

Pitfall #3: Forgetting the emotion. Emotion drives people to search for solutions. Recognize this and meet emotion with emotion. Rather than telling what you can do, convey why you do it.

Think of a top-of-funnel situation when a prospect visits your landing page for the first time. This prospect is looking to be understood. Address that emotion first. Then, move in to demonstrate capabilities and expertise.

Check out the rest of this post from Copyhackers for more examples of these pitfalls.


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