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Use the SPEAR Framework to Write Intros

Intros are tough. You’ve got to get readers to mentally commit to finishing your article, trust your authority, and identify with you and your recommendations. Try this method:

S – Search / User Intent: Include an overview of the features, product categories, product uses, and product tips that various users might be searching for.

P – Pain Points: Positivity doesn’t always sell. Highlight the negative results of not acquiring the product or service you’re writing about—in your intro and your title.

E – Expertise: Take every opportunity to subtly show off your expertise with statistics, experience, and confident value judgments.

A – Audience: Write for each segment of your audience, based on the problem they’re hoping to solve, using the niche language they respond to.

R – Rapport: Before a hard sell, it’s important to build trust with the audience. Once you’ve named their problem and provided personal experience and expertise, they’re more likely to take your recommendations seriously.

Check out the full framework at Increasing.


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