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Using Canva For More Than Just Your Social Media Content

Most marketers have encountered Canva at some point in their career for its easy design platform (or just to get some inspo from their templates). But they might not be using Canva to its fullest potential.

In today’s visual world, marketers are pressed to create visuals that stay on-brand for multiple touchpoints. What makes it easy for anyone to create professional designs? Canva Pro!

Whether you’re part of a team or it’s just you and Canva, you can design absolutely anything. Presentations, posters, charts, newsletters, banners, you name it. And their library of animations and videos is always growing.

With Canva Pro, you can elevate your designs with premium templates and endless content. Not only do you save time with design, make your planning and branding life easier with these easy-to-use features:

  • Content Planner: Design and schedule your social content with one tool. You can collaborate on content plans as a team.
  • Magic Resize: Have your posts ready to share in any size, for any social platform. Design once and resize with a click.
  • Brand Kit: Keep your designs consistently on-brand and your brand standards on hand. Upload your custom fonts, colors, and logos for you and your team to use anytime.

With an easy-to-use platform, teams can edit, comment, assign tasks, and review on the same page, on any device. Canva is where teams achieve their goals and create their best work, together. Try Canva Pro today for free.


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