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What is Fake Door Testing?

Fake door testing is a research method used in UI to gauge demand and validate interest for a product or feature before development.

Essentially, you create a visual representation of a feature within the UI—like a CTA button—that appears functional and accessible to users, but in reality, does not lead to any actual outcome.

If a significant percentage of landing-page visitors click on your dummy button, you might consider pushing that feature through to development.

Here’s how to implement a fake door test:

  1. Identify the feature or functionality you want to evaluate.
  2. Design the fake door as an interactive button, link, or menu option.
  3. Monitor user interactions through various analytics tools or manual observation.
  4. Analyze insights and patterns, such as the number of users who clicked on the fake door, how long they spent interacting with it, or any comments or feedback they provided.
  5. Based on the data and insights gathered, evaluate the level of user interest or demand for the feature.

Take a closer look at this research method over at UX Design.


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