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What to expect from Google Ads in the new year

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Google Ads in ’23

Based on last year’s trends and new features—as well as some upcoming data regulations—here’s what to expect from Google Ads in 2023:

  • Broad match or bust. Google strongly suggests that you upgrade existing keywords to broad match to yield quality impression share and higher conversions. More data = better optimization. Still, you should closely monitor broad match, as it could produce overspend from irrelevant queries.
  • More dependence on creative. In 2023, emphasize creative. Use high-quality images and videos for Display Network ad types (Responsive, Discovery, Performance Max) and set yourself apart by adding images to search ads.
  • Privacy-focused management. Google—and the digital marketing industry at large—is moving to first-party data. On May 1, 2023, Google advertisers will no longer be able create similar audiences, even with first-party data.
  • Less transparency to advertisers. Google’s automation and machine learning algorithms continue to be a mystery to advertisers. The challenge will be finding opportunities within these limitations.

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WFH Tools to Pin 📌

Whether you’ve been working from home since 2020 or you just scored your first remote gig, January is the perfect time to make your workflow smarter. Here’s some must-try digital tools for WFH in 2023:

Project Mgmt




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Cointreau 1934

Cointreau 1934


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