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$4,000,000 Worth of Mistakes

One guy spent $4,000,000 so you don’t have to.

7 Intelligent Ways to Use Exit-Intent Campaigns (The Right Way)

Wait! Please! Don’t leave!

Now that we got your attention, let’s talk exit-intent campaigns. In other words, the ways businesses prevent users from leaving their site with pop-ups.

If someone is already hovering over that red ‘X’ button, how do you make sure they don’t follow through with clicking it? There’s an exit-intent for that. Our pals over at Sleeknote have a few ways you can use these pop-ups…

Just Ask
No jokes here. When users go to leave your page, ask them why they’re leaving and if they found what they’re looking for. It’s really as simple as that. No need to make it complicated with a billion questions like a clingy ex.

By noting the responses are anonymous, users will be more likely to answer. You never know what these users might tell ya.

Reduce Abandoned Carts
You have definitely been guilty of online shopping, filling up a cart, and then leaving that cart all sad and alone. It’s time to end abandoned shopping carts STAT! If your business is experiencing this, provide visitors with a value.

Your exit-intent can be a discount for their first order sent right to their email address. Or, if you really want them to purchase their cart, provide a discount code right then and there. Save the abandoned carts!

Nail Your First Impression
Oh, is that a new user you see? It’s time to dress to impress, or make sure they know about the key services and products you offer. To avoid overwhelming your homepage, utilize a pop-up before they leave the site.

Provide the info that makes your new visitor want to stay, like news about your newest product or the ability to create custom products, if applicable.

And always include your contact information. Even if the visitor didn’t find what they’re looking for, this is a great way to ensure they stay on your site or contact your company.

Don’t you feel smarter about exit-intent campaigns already? If you’re still looking for more lessons, keep on readin’…

I Spent $4M on Google Ads – Here Were My 6 Biggest Mistakes

Making mistakes in marketing is as easy said as it is done. The reality is, what works for one company may be the exact opposite of what can work for you.

Marketers should love this aspect of their jobs because that means there’s room for experimenting. Yeah, it’s a very love-hate-love relationship. Luckily, the web allows us to find articles (like the one we’re writing about) that explain the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to Google Ads so you never even have to make them! #Blessed

Using Too Many Keywords
It makes sense to want to use every relatable keyword under the sun to generate more clicks. Buuut, this is a great example of picking and choosing your battles. Hoarding keywords into your Google Ads may have the opposite effect.

More keywords = more wasted budget. Spend your time perfecting a few keywords and say “buh-bye” to the ones that don’t help your ad.

Not Using Enough Landing Pages
One of the BIGGEST mistakes you can make is sending all of your traffic to your site’s homepage. Opt to create a landing page for each set of keywords that answers the same site user’s intent. Your site will answer more questions and leave visitors more likely to come back again.

PLUS, your Quality Scores will get huge boosts from using customized landing pages. High QS = lower CPC. That’s just a fact.

Underestimating The Power Of Google Ad Extensions
Ad extensions = more space for your ad. There are many different directions you can go in with an ad extension, so make sure to explore all of them. Add! Those! Extensions!

Keep in mind the different ways you can utilize all the ways an ad is viewed, like mobile and desktop (hint: add that “call from ad” option for mobile ads). *cue Call Me Maybe*

This is only just the beginning of all the mistakes you can avoid with Google ads. Stay in the clear and be sure to read the full list 👇👇👇

Descendants of Honor

This 45-second ad may be one of the most powerful of 2018. We know, that’s a pretty bold thing to say but it literally gave us chills.

Ancestry is the brand behind this magic. Their latest campaign celebrates the heritage of military veterans by featuring descendants of Medal of Honor recipients. The ad itself leaves you with a sense of pride and hope.

We don’t want to spoil this one. If you have a 45-seconds, you’ll wanna see this…

“The beautiful thing about marketing is that although there are a ton of “best practices” and guidelines, at the end of the day, there are no set in stone rules.”

Cassie Gonzalez

Ads from the Past

Seven-Up came up with this ad back in 1952 and we’re really digging the copy. 7-UP brings to light how their carbonated drink makes people feel by using a few analogies paired with a relaxed tone.


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