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A Genie in a Bottle

Marketing wishes and fantasy lands PLUS the real possibility of becoming a Google partner.

Be in the Know

5 Steps to Becoming a Google Elite Partner

Platform partnerships can be extremely rewarding for more support and exclusive access. An “Elite” Google Partnership is an invite-only level of partnership that’s reserved for top-performing digital agencies. Each year, Google selects around 150 agencies.

Wanna join the ranks? Here are steps you can take to become an Elite Partner:

  1. Get Certified: In every course you can, get certified in Google exams. Having your account strategists attached to your Google ads account certified is ideal, but only 50% need to be certified in at least one product area to make Google happy.
  2. Strive for Results: Duh. But there’s more to it than just results. You should have a strategy and reporting process that is clear to Google when using their products. Always keep a close eye on Google’s best practices, and stick to using its recommended ad formats.
  3. Diversify Your Products: Google loves diversification. Use different products and ad formats including Search, Display, Video, Shopping, and App ads.
  4. Become an Industry Leader: This factor that Google looks for when choosing agencies to join involves staying up to date with best practices but also taking risks by trying betas and creating innovative processes.
  5. Spend $: Google rewards ad spend. But don’t start fearing for your dollar signs. If you follow steps 1-4, your ad spend should increase organically.

None of these steps are necessarily easy as they all come with their own set of challenges to achieve, but they are great goals to have. Check out the full piece from The Drum’s Opinion section that pulls articles from digital marketing experts.

Q for You

A marketing genie is offering you three wishes. What's your top wish? (Don't even try to say "more wishes.")


Web3. NFTs. Gamification. Some crazy things are happening out in the digital world. Genies is an avatar ecosystem start-up that helps creators with avatars, accessory items, collectibles, spaces, and social experiences. They have a lot cooking right now, so if you’re someone looking to invest in more virtual experiences, sign up for their upcoming launches!

Wish Upon a Star ⭐️

We’re no genies, but we are able to grant some of your digital wishes.

Carney is the agency behind The Daily Carnage. We’re a team of developer, designer, and digital wizards (so much cooler than some guy in a lamp).


What’s your first wish? You don’t have to stop at 3.


Airbnb wanted to tell this little love story of Valenti and Maria. They’ve been together for over 50 years and took a romantic vacation to Begur. What do we love about this cute ad? The soundtrack. “’03 Bonnie & Clyde” by Jay-Z and Beyonce adds a layer of humor (and swag) to the couple.

Ads from the Past

1919, Del Monte


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