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The ins and outs of Reddit and keeping clients connected.

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9 Ways to Successfully Integrate Reddit into your Marketing Mix

Social media is undeniably one of the best ways for marketers to drive sales, traffic, and conversions. Aside from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, there’s a lot to gain from using Reddit. Here are 9 tips from Mention to get started.

  1. Build a credible account. Sign up and make sure your account looks more like that of an individual rather than a business. Demonstrate your credibility by creating value in the comments you leave.
  2. Target the right audience. There are tons of subreddits (the forums within Reddit), so find one that pertains to your niche.
  3. Do not spam the platform. Follow the rules of each subreddit you post on. Crossposting the same thing on multiple subreddits can be seen as spammy, so tailor your posts closely to the subreddits you’re posting in.
  4. Make use of the share button. Promote your content outside of Reddit to increase engagement.
  5. Consistency matters. Continue to add value within the subreddits you frequent. Demonstrate expertise by posting regularly and answering comments thoroughly.
  6. Create an AMA session. AMA = Ask Me Anything. This is a great way to establish yourself as an authority on a topic. All you have to do is readily and thoughtfully answer questions your fellow community members have.
  7. Make use of Reddit ads. Use Link ads to promote products and services and redirect users to a particular website. Use Text ads to direct users to a particular post on Reddit.
  8. Ask for feedback. Ask honest questions to determine if your product or service is fulfilling the needs of your audience. It’s a great way to build brand awareness and learn how to serve your audience better.
  9. Create a calendar. You can display upcoming events or build anticipation for product launches. This is a simple way to keep people engaged and to set goals for yourself.

Connecting Clients

Shout out to SyncShow! Thank you for sending in your #StaySharp entry and for sharing how your team is using Zoom to allow your clients to interface and learn from each other.

The Challenge: 
SyncShow needed to look for a way to connect clients and add value in extraordinary ways in this new world, thanks to COVID-19.
The Solution: 
They decided a win/win on that would be to host a panel (via Zoom) where they could interview different clients who are all leaders of essential businesses. They interviewed them on how they’re adjusting to unpredictable work environments.
Because of this, they were able to host a conversation, introduce their clients to each other, and put together some great marketing assets for their agency that also promotes their clients’ businesses – a real trip win!
The Result:
You can view the landing page with their webinar here.
Or check out the stand-alone webinar on YouTube here.
They’re just launching these assets with an email and social media campaign, and their goal is brand awareness, increased client happiness/NPS and lastly, lead generation – hoping other companies just like these clients will want to see what they might be able to offer.

Did Somebody Say Just Eat?

Some advertising jingles are instant masterpieces. Some we just can’t get out of our heads no matter how bad they are. But sometimes they get a little too stale and it’s time to revamp them.

Just Eat, the British online food order and delivery service, has had a pretty recognizable jingle amongst their target audience for the past few years, but now it’s time to crank it up with a little bit of pizzaz. A touch of Snoop Dogg is exactly what they have in mind.

Ads from the Past

1948, Pyrex Ware

“Don’t pay any attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in inches.”

Andy Warhol


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