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🌲Does it Make a Sound?

Let’s go over strategies & tools for producing evergreen content.

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How many evergreen content pieces do you write per month?

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What Is Evergreen Content? How To Create Content That Lasts

Some things are gone before you know it. Things like planking or the Harlem Shake.

On the other hand, other things refuse to fade away. In the marketing universe, we refer to this type of relevant material as evergreen content. And SEMrush is sharing all we need to know to create this lush, lasting content.

Evergreen content is based on topics that people are constantly searching. They exist through the ups and downs of more seasonal trends such as holiday-specific content, product releases, and news articles. If the interest never wanes, then it’s evergreen.

It’s great for SEO because ranking takes time and evergreen content is more or less timeless. It can afford the time it takes for higher SERP rankings because the content doesn’t go out of style. 

Pick a topic relevant to your business and look into keywords surrounding the topic. How do those keywords or phrases trend? Dig deep from broader topics until you’ve found something more specific you can cover.

Take a look at what ranks #1 and #2 for the keywords you’re targeting. Your content needs to be at least as good as these pieces of content if you want your own content featured there instead. And once you’ve published your content – promote, promote, promote!

Though set up for the long haul, Evergreen Content isn’t a write it and forget it piece. Your content will need updating! Although the main idea behind the content will stay relevant, details in your post can easily become outdated. Think dates, statistics, or even quotes. If your piece of content is about the cost of housing in a particular city neighborhood, the subject may always stay relevant, but the figures you use probably won’t.

Start writing your own evergreen content, and read some more tips on the topic from SEMrush.

Revive Old Posts

Just because a piece of content is published, doesn’t mean you can forget all about it. Promoting your content is a large piece of the SEO puzzle and Revive Old Posts helps connect those pieces.

This tool ensures you can easily share your blog across all your social channels without forgetting. Posts will be shared more than once on rotation with message and hashtag variations so your Reach goes even further than a single post would. Plus, it can add optimized hashtags based on tags in your post.

Work with Carney

If content gets published on the internet and no one sees it, can it still rank?

Like a big, evergreen tree that falls in the forest and makes a sound, relevant evergreen content can certainly rank on the front page when it’s well written (aka – to serve your audience that’s both digestible and optimized for SEO).

How can our team help yours produce winning content that builds a lasting audience? Smash the button and let’s talk strategy!

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“To get the right message to the right person at the right time you first need to get the right data to the right database at the right time.”

John Caldwell


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