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The Goddess of Facebook’s Organic Reach

You’re also gonna learn about microcopy and see the best commercial of the year.

5 Steps to Get Huge Engagement on Your Facebook Page

There’s no debating the fact that Facebook’s organic reach is, for a lack of better words, garbage. It’s really bad. That’s why we were super stoked to find this podcast with Rachel Miller. Rachel is the goddess of Facebook organic reach. Some of her organic posts get seen by over a million people. That’s, like, a lot of people. 

And today, she’s giving away her secrets to building a Facebook page that still gets hella organic reach.

Okay, here’s the good stuff:

  • (7:37) Build a niche neighborhood. Think of your Facebook page as a family instead of a competition. Your competitors are people you should collab with instead of trying to block out. What’s that saying? A rising tide lifts all boats? Think like that. 
  • (9:10) Facebook is like a search engine. When other pages link to your page, it helps Facebook understand that your page is a good one.
  • (13:29) Use Facebook’s fairy dust to get more engagement. That means finding content that is already working well on Facebook, and use it on your page.
  • (20:50) Don’t look like a brand. Basically look at what other brands do, and do the opposite of that.
  • (22:31) Rachel talks about the formula that made some of her posts go viralreally viral. Like, seen by over 1,000,000 people viral.
  • (26:44) Phrases like ‘like this’, ‘share this’, ‘tag a friend’, etc. are a few banned words that actually kill your organic reach!
  • (29:39) Ask simple questions to get people to engage with your page.
  • (38:55) Your Facebook strategy should change when you’re over 100,000 followers.

Dang, this podcast is so good, but we couldn’t fit everything in.

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How to Master Microcopy

We know the formula. Great copy + great design = great user experience. One without the other is like a beautiful painting in a terrible museum.

Today’s Read takes us through the importance of copy and design or, rather, copy as design — microcopy. Things like button labels, hint text, error messages, and other bits of text on apps or websites that guides a user through an experience.

Many companies treat microcopy as an afterthought instead of a super-simple way to cleverly assist users as they interact with your brand/product. But small things deserve love, too! It could likely mean more conversions for you. 

When done right, effective microcopy can: 

  • Alleviate users’ concerns by anticipating and answering specific questions that might arise.
  • Bring friendly copy to a moment of failure. A poorly designed error message can fill users with (more) frustration. Diffuse that frustration with a bit of humor!
  • Convey personality & sound more human à la Yelp’s rating system.
  • Improve the rate of task completion and conversions — cha-ching!

Here are a few tips that can make a small bit of text have a huge impact: 

  1. Avoid technical jargon.
  2. Use natural language to talk to your user like a person.
  3. Keep it short and helpful.
  4. Context is vital when it comes to jokes. It’s a bad look when a user loses a lot of work, then gets a message saying “Oops! We can’t seem to save your data”. 
  5. Pair it with a picture that relates to the action or user’s feelings, like Mailchimp does here.

And the Award for Best Commercial Goes To…

Hey, and that’s no hyperbole. Last night, Squarespace swiped the Emmy for Best Commercial with their ad, “Calling John Malkovich.”

Squarespace teamed up with startup agency, JohnXHannes to create a Superbowl ad about, well, being John Malkovich. Masterfully recalling the iconic film (Being John Malkovich), Squarespace and JohnXHannes hatched a trio of ads with the message, “Get your domain before it’s gone.” Cue: one perturbed Malkovich.

If you’ve never seen Being John Malkovich, it’s quite literally about a portal that leads to Malkovich’s mind and basically everyone in the movie is John Malkovich. So, you can see how this is a great way for a company to drive home the idea: get the domain you want before an imposter does.

Below is the ad that won, but here is the prequel that also deserves a shoutout.

“Best way to sell something – don’t sell anything. Earn the awareness, respect, & trust of those who might buy.”
Rand Fishkin

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