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8 Elements of a Solid Press Release

Whether or not you’re the PR point person for a brand, you may find yourself with the task of writing a press release. If you’re new to the genre, don’t worry.

The press release follows a simple formula:

  1. Add your contact information to the header.
  2. If your announcement can be published upon receipt, add “For Immediate Release” to the top. If it should be held until a date and time, specify that with an embargo.
  3. Summarize your news with a concise title and an italicized subheading that adds more context.
  4. Open with a precise lede (who, what, where, when, and why).
  5. Provide two to three paragraphs of context, and include quotes from stakeholders.
  6. Share relevant facts and/or figures in bullets.
  7. Include your company boilerplate description and logo at the bottom.
  8. End your press release with three pound symbols (###). It’s tradition!

Check out HubSpots guide and templates to draft your press release.

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