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There’s a Formula for Everything

Heighten your copywriting skills, plus a commercial you won’t want to miss!

Ready for the answer to last Friday’s Trivia question? – Don Draper said: “Success comes from standing out not fitting in.”

Seth Godin – 240 votes

Leslie Knope – 240 votes

Marie Forleo – 55 votes

Don Draper – 244 votes

Mark Cuban – 169 votes

What do you want to learn tomorrow?

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Be in the Know

6 Critical Components of Captivating Content

When you think of copywriting one of the more important questions to keep in mind is this: How can I get more traffic to my site?

The thing is there are hundreds of thousands of content roaming the world wide web begging for consumer attention just like you.

The good news? Copywriting is all about gaining the right attention from the right folks. CopyBlogger is sharing copywriting formulas to cut the clutter and create a thoughtful, well-designed path. Let’s break down those formulas!

Original Persuasion Formulas

“Attention — Interest — Desire — Action” or “Problem — Agitate — Solve”

AIDA is an old as time formula that focuses on a beneficial promise (attention), the ongoing momentum (interest), a stirring emotion (desire), and expressly asking the reader to do something (action).

PAS, on the other hand, starts with a compelling audience problem, slides deeper and deeper into the issue, and shows how the business solves said problem.

A Formula for the Middle

This is all about offering value generously to nurture your audience in the “middle” of your content strategy.

  • Peak interest by teaching readers how to do things
  • Show who you are and what you believe
  • Let your audience dip their toes in the water with small, low-risk commitments

CopyBlogger’s New Persuasion Formula, ECUBED

“Empathize — Connect — Useful — Beliefs — Engage — Deliver”

  1. Empathize with your audience based on the things they care about.
  2. Connect with your audience by getting to a level of shared values
  3. Useful content is giving your audience value that will actually address their problems
  4. Beliefs are key in aiding your audience to go further
  5. Engagement as a form of measurement will give you insight on your content effectiveness
  6. Deliver value over time with fresh content that encourage your audience to keep coming back


Anyone else struggle with information overload? Yep, it happens to the best of us. We hear Feedly is a secret weapon to stay up on topics and trends! Plus, Feedly has this cutie AI research assistant named Leo

Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg

Arlene’s Big Leap

Many teenagers and 20-year-olds eagerly await their 21st birthdays. And rightfully so. I mean, they’ve waited 21 years after all. Unfortunately for Arlene here, she had to wait 84 years for her 21st birthday.

Aviation Gin brings us this ad to celebrate this leap day baby’s official 21st birthday. And Arlene is happy to celebrate with her first legal sip of gin. Here’s to four more birthdays so that car rental companies will finally waive extra fees for Arlene!

Ads from the Past

1974, Kraft

“Instead of interrupting, work on attracting.”

Dharmesh Shah


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