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Fresh Out the Oven, Never Canned

and how to boost your social proof on Facebook ads.

Hacking Facebook Ads to Show More Social Proof

Social proof is huge for your Facebook ads. Comments, likes, and shares on an ad mean free clicks and a lower CPC when you do pay for it. The problem? When you edit that ad or wanna target a different audience, your social proof is reset to zero. Womp womp.

Until today. This Listen includes one of the most useful tips ever – how to use one ad’s social engagement to target a different audience. It’s super simple, and one of our favorite tricks.

More tips & timestamps here:

  • How to use an ad’s social proof for another ad set (3:56)
  • How to target a sub-group in your target audience (11:38)
  • How do you troubleshoot when your ads aren’t performing as you expected? (This happens to everyone) (13:57)
  • Can you get support from Facebook about your ads? (17:05)

Bonus tip: Let your ads get to at least 1,000 impressions before making any changes.

How to Write Email Subject Lines that Get More Opens

Before we get into it, let’s peep some stats about emails:

  • 21% of email recipients report email as spam, even if they know it isn’t
  • 69% of email recipients report email as spam based solely on the subject line
  • 35% of email recipients open email based on the subject line alone
  • 30% of subscribers change email addresses annually

Damn, spam… why you gotta do us like that? Luckily, today’s Read by CoSchedule is here to help by covering:

  1. Emotions you should tap into to drive clicks
  2. 9 Best practices for writing subject lines
  3. The best way to run A/B testing

And they provide even an amazing subject line template? Love you, CoSchedule.

How to Promote Your Content When You Have No Followers

You’ve just taken hours to painstakingly write a long, well-researched blog post. You click publish and…crickets. This is a pretty sad scenario, but definitely a common one. It takes awhile to build a following, and writing is only one-half of publishing a blog. You also have to promote it, and that means more than just tweeting it and posting on Facebook.

Today’s Watch is going to give you a few tips on how to promote your blog posts without spending a cent on ads.

It starts with linking to outside sources. Once you’ve linked to these sources, email them, tweet them, do whatever it takes to get in front of them to let ‘em know that they’re included in your blog. They’ll likely share your content since you mentioned them. This tactic works so well that we even do it (just don’t tell anyone).

“Without strategy, content is just stuff, and the world has enough stuff.”
Arjun Basu

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