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plus – podcast advertising, annoying witches, and meeting rooms.

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Podcast Advertising Secrets

The fine folks at Hubspot put together a killer article 🔥 on podcast advertising. We’re gonna give you the highlight reel, but make sure you smash that button below to dive in deeper.

Podcasts are here to stay.

According to MusicOomph, over 32% of Americans listen to podcasts every month and 51% of the U.S. population has listened to at least one podcast. Those are some staggering stats.

More importantly for us marketers, podcast ads are producing some amazing results for sponsors. According to Midroll, 61% of podcast listeners say they bought something after hearing an ad, and podcast ads drive two to three times more engagement than radio ads. Cha-ching.

Before you go all-in on podcast advertising, let’s take a look at what the top experts in the space are advising.

– Rebekah Bek – Ahrefs: 

  • Rather than being a tool for lead generation, podcast advertising is a tool for gaining exposure and brand awareness.
  • It’s not always about measurable ROI.
  • Organic, not scripted, mentions perform best.

– Jason Hoch – HowStuffWorks: 

  • Ads read by the host perform better than scripted, third-party ads placed in the podcast.
  • Listeners feel like they are being shouted at with third-party ads.
  • Consider producing organic mentions for better results.

-Sam Balter: HubSpot

  • When sponsoring podcasts, trust the host to deliver a message in their own voice.
  • It’s better to go for frequency over reach. Pick a podcast where you can purchase three to five ads versus one ad on a large podcast.
  • Podcast listeners are millennials, well educated, and more affluent. You don’t need to sponsor the biggest podcasts, you can reach the same people on smaller podcasts.

Dive into a few more tips and information on podcast advertising rates below.

Meet Joan

Don’t you hate when you need a meeting room, but it’s taken.

Meet Joan. Joan on tablets lets you:

✅ Display meeting room status at the door

✅ Book on the spot

✅ Have an overview of room availability

✅ Provide weekly meeting analytics

✅ Sync with existing calendar

How to Annoy a Witch

We love Skittles at the office. Seriously. Swing by someday and we’ll hook ya up.

If you ever find yourself in the clutches of a witch and need to escape, just ask for more Skittles.

Don’t believe us, watch below.

*Bonus points if you recognize the dude in the pot.*

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