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How to deal with internet trolls

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Dealing with Trolls

We’re just gonna come out and say it. “Internet trolls suck.”

Hiding behind the computer screen and being nasty for the sake of being nasty is no way to operate.

But, here’s the thing: trolls aren’t going anywhere.

It’s important to know how to deal with these trolls and fight back in a productive, civil manner.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Make a ‘No Trolls’ policy: This is an easy one. Create some guidelines stating that you will not tolerate trolls. It needs to be as clear as possible. Check out how Content Marketing Institue handles its policy here.
  • Get some moderators: Once you have your policy in place, you need to enforce it. Enlist the help of group members to moderate or use moderation tools within the platform you’re operating on.
  • Ignore the trolls: Trolls want you to engage with their trolling. When you decide to engage, you’re giving them what they want. Don’t be afraid to delete them or their comment and move on.
  • Kill ’em with kindness: When ignoring isn’t an option, either call them out on their BS or kill them with kindness.
  • Make it a joke: Rather than getting angry, how about making a joke out of it? You’ll have more fun and avoid the racing heart rate.

Whatever you end up doing, always take the higher road.

Emoji Copy 👏

We’ve featured Emoji tools before, but EmojiCopy is it.

EmojiCopy allows you to not only copy emojis with ease, but it allows you to string together emojis with the click of a button.

You’ll want to bookmark this site asap.

Oh ya, it works on mobile too.

The Ikea Tear Jerker

Warning: you might tear up a little bit.

But, it’s cool. It has a happy ending.

Ikea’s latest ad spot coming out of Greece tells the story of an adopted dog and his best friend.

Give it a watch.

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