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Cheesy marketing, tricks of the IA trade, and a NEW search engine sheriff in town…

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4 Information Architecture Trends to Know

Apps, sites, even the metaverse, are digital products and systems that can fall apart without user-friendly navigation. One of the biggest starts to a strong user interface and user experience design is the information architecture (IA).

IA use cases have changed a little bit with new tech. Here are some current trend (and a few predictions) for IA that marketers and designers should know before they tackle a new digital product.

  1. Remote Collaboration: Creating IA should not live in a bubble. Trends in IA tools include more robust software with multiple-user feedback options are the new norm.
  2. AI Optimized IA: We’re going to see a big influx of “chicken before egg” data scenarios as machine learning continues to grow. We can make educated decisions when making an IA, but might need the precision of data where artificial intelligence give IA a boost. On the other hand, your data is only as good as it is organized. So that AI is gonna need data architecture of its own.
  3. Metaverse Navigation: We get that not every brand is metaverse ready (yet), but there’s a possibility that we will be using it as the primary experience for marketing and shopping. Designing IA for AR/VR involves spatial thinking and location-based data.
  4. Zero UI: The future of interfaces is…there are none. The metaverse is a digital transformation in itself, but what if you just continue to remove barriers of traditional navigation? Instead of IA using technical navigation, we may be continuing to use more toward “natural” methods like speech, touch gestures, and glances. That means creating IA that plays by a different set of rules that don’t always include screens.

Check out Slickplan’s full post for more IA trends and practices happening now.

Q for You

Of these search engines, which one do you ever use?


Just this week Ahrefs (one of our favorite SEO resources around) announced its new privacy-focused search engine called Yep.

It is meant to be a search engine for the people ––  the people creating things for people, that is. Yep offers a search experience that rewards and compensates content creators with a 90/10 profit share business model where  90% of advertising profits go to makers.

Check it out for yourself!

King of Comfort

Burger King decided to create an interesting series of ads about sentient burger patties. It features a Sir David Attenborough-esque narration* of a Whopper seeking out flames, ignoring a man grieving a breakup. Do we fully get it? Dunno. But we can all relate to needing some warm comfort food when times are rough.

*It could really be his voice but we couldn’t find the confirmation at the time of writing this.

Ads from the Past

1950, Bonbel (the Bel Group)


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