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It’s getting too easy

2019 is lit and it’s so early

Be in the Know

  • Google Assistant stole the show at CES (consumer electronics show) yesterday. The new technology available on Andriod and iOS will make flying a bit easier by checking you into your flight. It’s only available on United domestic flights at the moment, but don’t fret, more airlines will be added. Fingers crossed for Southwest.
  • Google is stealing the show in this email today too. They also announced that Google Assistant is now available on Google Maps. That means you can control navigation, reply to texts and change your jams.
  • The ultimate baby monitor has arrived. Miku uses AI to watch and sense your baby’s vitals while you relax. The beauty of it…no wearables required. Miku starts at $399. The Miku babysitter will be available next year (not confirmed whatsoever).

Will you…

Marry me Make sending proposals easier? Yes!

If you’ve ever put together a proposal, you know how tedious of a process it is. What if there were an easier way?

Proposify makes creating proposals fast and efficient, bringing control, consistency, collaboration, and calm to your whole process.

  • Pros: great functionality, easy to use, and amazing customer service
  • Cons: can be glitchy, limited design capabilities

The Ultimate SEO Checklist

If you ever hear someone tell you they can get you ranking on the first page of Google in a day or two; run. Run fast.

SEO can be straight up overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. The folks at Search Engine Journal made life a whole lot easier by releasing this amazing checklist. We’re gonna give you some highlights here and challenge you to dive deep with the checklist when you have some time.

  • Know what keywords you’re targeting: seems like a no-brainer, but it’s often overlooked.
  • Optimize your keywords in your content: go after low-hanging fruit keywords first (aka keywords you can easily rank for). When you’re ready to target highly competitive keywords, be patient. It can take up to a year to rank.
  • How many words? word count isn’t necessarily everything. Look at what your competitors are doing using the plethora of SEO tools available. If they’re ranking, they’re doing something right. Do more of that!
  • Speed matters: page speed is baked into Google’s algorithm. It’s not hard to optimize for page speed, it just takes some time. Do it and you’ll be ahead of the curve. Bonus: we featured 3 tools on Monday to make your site go fast.

Alright, you got some work to do. SE-YO at us if you have any questions.

I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying

“Where magic gets real.” Talk about knocking a new tagline out of the park (pun intended). Disneyland Paris put out this ad spot of an adorable duckling who stumbles upon a Donald Duck comic.

We don’t wanna spoil it for you, but there’s a good chance it’ll take you back to your favorite Disney character. Pumbaa anyone?

Warning: you might tear up a bit…in the best way possible.

Ads from the Past

When McDonald’s attempted a healthy-ish burger in 1991. Only 9% fat, and 91% rubber.


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