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Spy on your competitors’ ads.

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🤑 NIL deals are starting to even out between men and women’s sports.

🧑‍🏫 Once you’ve finished watching an educational YouTube video, let’s review your comprehension with an AI-generated quiz.

💭 Now TikTok is testing ChatGPT-generated search results.

📌 We’ll be damned. Instagram Notes have caught on enough to expand them to posts and Reels.

🌳 What is greenhushing and why is everyone doing it?

Generative Adobe Fill Prompt: An apple, a composition book, and a pencil. Oil painting.

9 Ways to Spy on Competitor Ads

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It’s essential to keep an eye on how your key competitor executes or pivots online advertising strategies.

Here’s how:

  1. Search for your competitor by name in the Facebook (Meta) Ads Library.
  2. Go to their website and get retargeted.
  3. Inspect “why you saw this ad” on Facebook retargeting ads.
  4. Use an SEO tool, like Semrush’s “Domain Overview” or “Competitor Analysis.”
  5. Do a Google search of the competitor’s brand name.
  6. Find competitor ads in the Google Ads Transparency Center.
  7. Try the TikTok Ads Library.
  8. Use competitive intelligence tools to locate keywords, traffic share, and more.
  9. Use ad intelligence tools if you want a comprehensive view.

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Q for You

As a user, what do you think of Google's Search Generative Experience?

Google Sheets: Convert to table

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Google Sheets users! Depending on where you are in Google’s rollout, you can now Format > Convert to table. 

What does this mean? You can turn your data into pretty little self-contained tables, with filters and sorting rules, in just one click.

Sheets automatically creates filters, formats your columns and adds visual separators to rows. Voilà.


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Samsung Creativity Cannot Be Crushed

From The Wreckage

Samsung has made quick work of a response campaign to Apple’s crushing anti-creatives ad, for which the latter quickly apologized.

In Samsung’s understated ad, a woman picks up a weathered guitar from Apple’s rubble, a Galaxy Tab S9 Series at her side, and simply plays.

Ads from the Past

Denny's, 1994

Denny’s, 1994


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