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Let’s Get Weird

Today’s Watch is the weirdest thing you’ll see this week.

How ConversionXL and Hubspot Approach Marketing

You guys have heard of ConversionXL and Hubspot, right? We’ve linked to both of them multiple times in the Daily. Both have crazy popular publications in the marketing industry.

But, this isn’t a love story about those two companies. This is a podcast in which Ramli John interviews a guy who has driven the growth strategies at both companies.

That guy is Alex Birkett. He’s a marketing pro and has some pretty great insights into the world of marketing…like how he doubled the size of ConversionXL’s readership. Or how he approaches content distribution.

We’re just going to send it right over to Alex and Ramli, rather than ramble on with an even longer intro…

  • (07:30) Alex grew ConversionXL’s blog from 125K to 250K readers in one year. He did that by building up a huge guest writer pipeline. Guest writers helped reduce his workload.
  • (08:32) They mostly ignored SEO and just focused on creating good content. Organic traffic came from that.
  • (09:12) Alex also paid attention to reader questions and answered them as blog posts.
  • (09:57) Reader surveys, Facebook Groups, and customers helped them come up with even more topic ideas.
  • (11:05) When it comes to content promotion, Alex believes in building authentic relationships with people in your industry. There are no hacks or cheat codes for this. It also helps to build influencer quotes into your content.
  • (17:35) At Hubspot, Alex spends a lot of time building A/B tests on article headlines and meta-descriptions to try and improve organic CTR and ranking.
  • (18:11) Influencer marketing is also important for Alex at Hubspot.
  • (18:27) Hubspot utilizes the “cluster and pillar” approach to SEO. So they have one central theme and then write more specific posts around that one theme.
  • (19:38) Anything worth doing takes effort and energy. Not hacks or cheat codes, especially when it comes to marketing.

There’s still another 10-minutes left in this one. Tune in now.

LinkedIn for Content Marketing: What You Need to Know

Happy Thursday fam! We’re switchin’ gears just a tiny bit. Normally we’re all about that Instagram, Facebook, and fabulous business to consumer life but let’s do a little shakey shake.

We’re hitching a ride on the LinkedIn train today. Next stop? An article from Content Marketing Institute.

They’re giving us the need to know on utilizing the networking platform for B2B and B2C strategies. Specifically, content marketing strategies.

Putting content out there for the sake of publishing makes us want to fall over. Just fall over and eat the dirt. On the other hand, serving relevant content to a relevant audience makes us happier than a pup and his ball. And that’s the underlying message in today’s Read.

All aboard the LinkedIn train, choo choo!

1) Incorporate LinkedIn Publisher and LinkedIn Status Updates for a solid content strategy. Take advantage of status updates for quick, easy to read messages and elaborate with a long form post in Publisher. Follow these best practice tips:

  • Provide valuable content to your core audience
  • Post status updates 3 to 5 times per week and publish long-form articles twice per month.
  • Use status updates to promote the long-form blog
  • Have a healthy mix of content shares between other sources and original content.
  • Use hashtags to differentiate your content and help it become more discoverable

2) Video is available on LinkedIn through status updates, company page updates, and your LinkedIn profile. It’s a great way to get more eyes on your content. Here’s a little trick from CMI: Using a short video stats update refer to relevant long-form posts you may have written to drive traffic and deepen engagement.

3) Work smarter not harder. Did you know you can still share blogs published elsewhere on LinkedIn Publisher? All ya gotta do is cut and paste. But when you do this, reference the original platform and link to it. This will drive serious traffic back to your site.

  • Bonus Tip: if you write an article like 5 Ways to Make Coffee, grab snippets from those 5 points and use them to promote the original blog on LinkedIn’s status update feature.

Like the awesome writing team they are, CMI provides plenty of more insights and examples. So smash that button and start off July 5th right!

Pimento: Totally Weird

Want to see a totally weird ad? Of course you do.

This ad has everything you need to create something totally weird. It has a drink called Pimento, giants, crabs, mermaids, and cannibalism. Although you could argue that mermaids eating people doesn’t count as cannibalism. We’re making the argument that it does count because mermaids are half human.

We really just don’t know what else to say about this ad. It’s really weird. And we really love it.

“Marketing is a contest for people’s attention.”

Seth Godin

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