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Netflix will choose your next show

-plus how to use headings, a resume tool, and sunglasses

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How to Use Headings on Your Site

It’s the Monday after a holiday. We’re keeping this SEO Monday section short and sweet folks.

Why use headings?

  • They Serve as a Guide: Headings guide your reader through what’s important. Think of them like the Google Maps (Waze, etc.) of your article. They should ultimately make your article easier to read and understand.
  • Improve SEO: Most folks will agree that headings won’t directly impact your SEO. It’s all about the indirect benefits. For example…headings (when done right) will create easily readable text, which Google likes. Also, headings create an opportunity to feature your focus keywords.

How to use headings:

  • H1: Use only one H1 per page. This heading should be your article title. Think of it like the name of a book.
  • H2: These headings will introduce new sections. Think of H2’s like the chapters of a book.
  • H3: Use these to introduce subsections of your H2 headings.
  • H4: Rarely used unless you’re writing very technical posts or long-form posts.


What kind of
fruit do SEOs
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What Do You See?

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A lot of ‘A-List’ athletes and some amazing camera work. We dig it. What do you think?

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