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💛 Paint company Sherwin-Williams named Dapper Dan the creative director of its new “The Loneliest Color” campaign, celebrating its least popular offering.

🍝 Barilla worked with an award-winning composer and the power of AI to produce a sensory soundtrack to enhance your pasta-eating experience.

👍 Instagram confirms that follower count is not a good indicator of account value.

🎵 200 high-profile artists have signed an open letter against the use of AI music generation tools.

🛍️ Infographic: In-store shopping is still the most popular path to discovering brands for most consumers.

How to Build a Manageable B2B Blog Strategy

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Define your B2B blog strategy by addressing these 4 strategic decisions:

Strategy Decision #1: Will you prioritize traffic or leads?
You can’t do both. Most B2B companies want more leads, based on the assumption that thousands of visits will result in conversions over time. But just because a user is reading something related to your industry doesn’t mean they’re in the market for your product. And you can’t manufacture or force buying-intent with email marketing. So, if your goal is more leads, focus on high-buying intent topics rather than traffic.

Strategy Decision #2: Will you do SEO or non-SEO content?
With non-SEO content, you aren’t limited by keywords or what’s already ranking. That said, you need to be consistently original or provocative to drive viral traffic. With SEO content, you get compoundable results that continue to generate month over month, even if it takes a while to build.

Strategy Decision #3: What are the pain points of your audience?
If you can identify pain points, you can write content that catches people who are in the exact moment where they’re ready to buy — without having to invest in nurturing leads. Work with your sales team to illuminate these insights.

Strategy Decision #4: Who will create the content?
If you choose an SEO strategy, you’ll need more than one or two people to keep up with keyword research, content writing, technical SEO, analytics, and web development. And outsourcing writing to non-SMEs results in content that doesn’t reflect the voice of your organization. The best way to generate content is to have writers interview SMEs within your company.

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Q for You

If you manage a B2B blog, do you prioritize traffic or leads?


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Barf Bag Collector

RIP to Barf Bags

Emetophobics beware.

Dramamine produced a mini documentary as an ode to the barf bag, an invention that’s been rendered irrelevant, for the most part, because of the nausea relief medication.

Check out “The Last Barf Bag: Bidding Farewell to an American Icon” for interviews with barf-bag collectors and other vomit-related stories, if you can stomach it.

Ads from the Past

Smirnoff, 1959

Smirnoff, 1959


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