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Spring Break Mode?

Tinder is going there…

Be in the Know

  • Facebook is still trying to figure out its news feature and what folks are actually interested in viewing on the platform. This comes after a report stating FB is cutting two-thirds of existing news shows.
  • Tinder is apparently embracing the “hook-up” app stigma. Spring Break mode will launch in March and allow college-aged users to swipe through potential matches before heading to their Spring Break spot. Oh, to be young.

Design No-No’s on Facebook

We all know that ad creative can make or break a campaign. We’re a visual society.

Stats show the average person reads only 20% of the text on a website, but content with visuals gets 94% more total views.

That’s a serious stat right there. Let’s breakdown some creative faux pas for your next Facebook campaign.

  1. Not designing for your audience: The beauty of Facebook ads is the ability to hyper-target your customer. With that being said, you need to design your ad with that specific person in mind. Not all of your customers, just one. Focus on how that person uses different platforms (ie: Facebook versus Instagram).
  2. A lack of variation: How do you stand out in someone’s busy FB feed? Monitoring competitor ads is a great place to start. After you do that, try these things; minimalist design, images with a person(s) making eye contact, using less than 20% text, and varying movement. You need to test at least 3-5 designs per ad set.
  3. Using vanity metrics: It’s easy to get caught up in metrics such as likes, follows or impressions. None of that matters if you’re not closing sales or getting qualified leads. Focus on the stuff that matters!

If you need help setting up your next FB campaign, hit us up.

Company Wiki?

We just got turned onto this tool and are really digging it. It’s called Slite.

It’s a really useful tool for keeping your team content organized in one place. From onboarding documents to your marketing plan, Slite has a ton of templates to choose from. It’s marketed as “your company Wiki.”

Pros: Free to start. Integrates with Slack. UI is on-point!

Cons: TBD


Have you seen Cadillac’s new ad campaign? The theme is ‘Rise.’ Check it out below.

Ads from the Past

Wings and 7UP before bed? Get your Pepto ready. Ad via 1956.


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