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This Isn’t Even My Final Form

Some holiday campaign weirdness, plus contact form best practices.

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10 Contact Form Design Best Practices

Forms are often essential to sites needing to grab the information of users to send them more materials later, keep them in their funnels, or have them sign up for all sorts of things.

If you have forms and landing pages that you want people to fill out, here are 10 best practices to know:

  1. Fool-proof your forms: It’s better to be crystal clear when possible. Contact for what? Explain what this form is being used for or where it is going.
  2. Add all the hints: So there’s adding some “why” behind a contact form, but it’s also helpful to add the “how” along the way, too. Point out extra information for fields with microcopy.
  3. Test, test, test: As with everything involving a web experience, test your form like a visitor.
  4. Think before you CAPTCHA: Unless you’re getting many spam responses, CAPTCHAs can be clunky. We suggest invisible ReCAPTCHAs instead
  5. Don’t use a form in a pop-up window: It’s just not something users dig.
  6. Not every field should be required: Give your visitors some flexibility because no one likes groaning when they have to fill out every single field.
  7. Keep it simple: Keep it short, simple, and in context.
  8. Have an open-ended field: As we said, keep your forms simple, but leave one open-ended question for the thoughts, comments, ideas of your visitors.
  9. Be consistent: Whatever text formatting you follow (caps, size, lowercase, etc.), make sure you follow through.
  10. Keep it ethical: Duh, phishing is bad. Stealing passwords, credit card numbers, etc. is illegal and can cause you a lot of trouble. Use your forms for good.

Jotform is a custom form-builder that knows a thing or two about forms. Check out their full post for more examples on form how-tos.

Q for You

When was the last time you updated the CAPTCHAs on your forms and landing pages?

Test the OnBrand Beta

Until now, brand managers and content creators needed to rely on gut instinct to determine whether or not content was achieving their tone of voice and style. Not any more.

Pluralytics is launching a beta of OnBrand, creative pre-testing, and language analytics powered by AI. OnBrand was made so there’s no guesswork to hit your brand voice – every time on every platform.

The OnBrand analytics platform uses AI and NLP to measure your brand voice and matches it to KPIs, so marketers can know when they are living up to their highest standards in language, when they are missing the mark, and what is driving performance.

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Swole Santa 💪

The holidays can feel like we’re all bulking up for hibernation. Santa is tired of his jolly, jiggly reputation. This Rebel Ad for their New Zealand market shows Santa Clause putting in the work to his health and fitness. He does all he can: weights, shakes, and running, at all hours of the day. The result? Buff St. Nick dunking on fools and sleighing the holidays.

Ads from the Past

1971, Grean Giant

“The ideas that tend to take off are ideas that have the right combination of familiarity and novelty.”

Allen Gannett


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