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Why Bother with Boredom

Carney on Carnage

Hey crew, we tested a new feature this week called Carney on Carnage. It’s personal, valuable, and more importantly, written by our leader, Rob Carney.

We received a ton of positive feedback, so we’re going to keep this one going. This will be your opportunity to ask Rob anything! Every Monday, hear from our CEO/Founder about all things agency life, the Daily Carnage, and everything in between.

Here’s how you can participate in ARA (ask Rob anything)…

Send an email to [email protected] and use #ARA in the subject line

Y’all, right this very second, Rob is sitting at his desk, sipping coffee, and refreshing his inbox like a maniac. Don’t leave him hangin’, fam!

Be in the Know

Book Talk: Bored and Brilliant

Today’s tactic section comes from our very own Director of Digital, Diane!

Technology sucks up all the white space in our lives. Look around you the next time you’re waiting in line at the grocery store…or taking a stroll outside…or even stopped at a red light. In most cases, it’s phones up / heads down. I am so guilty of this. With an endless scroll of distraction just a thumb nudge away, who has time to be bored?

But without downtime, imagination can’t breathe.

That’s the basic premise of the book, “Bored and Brilliant: How spacing out can unlock your most productive and creative self.” The author is Manoush Zomorodi, host of WNYC’s (brilliant) podcast Note to Self.

Through first-person stories and expert testimony, Manoush lays out the case that people could be better at their jobs if they weren’t always plugged in. Skill building, innovation, and entire economies could be at risk because “fast thought could make for slow growth.”

In other words, we’re too dang distracted to do the important work of imagining, creating, and exploring. Our phones are making us stupid. The future of mankind is at risk.


When there is a larger group trying to get together for an online meetup or even a dinner with friends, there can be a lot of personal and professional limitations due to scheduling conflicts.

Doodle is a great tool to organize a time for a larger group to connect online or meet in person.

Users can select when they are available from a handful of days offered by the organizer. This eliminates the back and forth of email and reveals the best time for everyone. Plus, it’s super easy to read the chart.

Turtle Journey: The Crisis in Our Oceans

Greenpeace and Aardman animations bring us this clay creation illustrating the depth of the issues that several turtle species face due to environmental hazards in the ocean.

It’s a beautiful video with a resonant message intended to inspire us to be more conscious of the impact we have on our aquatic neighbors. Watch and be inspired!

Ads from the Past

1968, Mohawk Airlines

“Everyone is going to be skeptical if they don’t know what is happening.”

Bozoma Saint John


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