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Your Own Worst Enemy

Cannibal keywords and ketchup fraud.

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How to Address Keyword Cannibalization

Keyword cannibalization happens when you have multiple pieces of content on your website that rank for the same search query in SERPs. The topics covered are too similar, or the content is optimized for the same keyphrase. Google can’t discern which page should rank higher, resulting in lower rank for your content overall.

Here’s how to resolve keyword cannibalization:

  1. First, audit and analyze the performance of your content. Google: “keyword” to determine if several pieces of similar content are ranking lower than you’d like.
  2. If two blog posts cover virtually the same content, for example, merge them into one long-form piece to improve ranking.
  3. Remember to redirect removed content to the new link.
  4. Improve your internal linking structure to help Google understand which piece of content should be ranked highest. Achieve this by linking to more important articles from less important articles.

Learn more about keyword cannibalization from Yoast SEO.

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Yoast Duplicate Post Plugin

Get this: you can quickly duplicate your posts and pages in WordPress in one click with this handy little plugin. Why would you want to? Well, you might be manually building pages that follow a common template, like product pages; or you might just want to back up important content. The list goes on. It’s simple, effective, and free. Love it.

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Magnum Metaverse

There is No Ice Cream in The Future

Here’s a dystopian concept: What if our metaverse avatars secretly long to be virtually transported into the sensational human world? Magnum has a point here—for as much as you can do in augmented reality, you’ll never be able to simply enjoy an ice cream treat.

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Budweiser, 1969

Budweiser, 1969


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