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Talkin’ ’bout my iGeneration

and why they look to brands to guide their decisions

You’ll Thank Us for this

We’re recommending a super long Monday listen. (The rainy day reminded us of that classic, snuggle-up-with-a-good-audiobook feeling…)

The Thank you Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk should be a staple for every marketer. We are constantly examining the data to steer the Carney ship and, although data doesn’t lie, it also doesn’t prompt you to provide a ton of value for free just so you can show people you care more than everyone else (::cough cough:: The Daily Carnage).

But, when dumping huge media buys on ol’ faithful is no longer producing the results, it’s time to start thinking macro. In the words of Gary Vee, “Legacy is greater than currency.”

Until you get around to the book, Convince & Convert has done a great job rounding up some important nuggets. Here are a few:

  • At its core, social media requires that business leaders start thinking like small-town shop owners.
  • Unless you are building a new company from the ground-up, you have to be willing to embark on a complete cultural overhaul so that, like a local mom and pop shop, every employee is comfortable engaging in customer service, and does it authentically.
  • Social media’s arrival was simply a catalyst for a revolution that was already brewing in consumers who were sick of feeling isolated, unappreciated, and ignored.
  • When faced with two equal choices, people often buy for no other reason than they associate one choice with someone they know.
  • Let the consumers decide for themselves that they really want to know you, versus persuading them that they should.
  • We will one day dust off the bones of companies that fossilized because they didn’t think (caring) could “scale,” they didn’t think it was worth the effort, or they could not stop drawing lines in the sand.

Don’t Sleep on Generation Z

With all the talk about Millennial this and Millennial that marketers might be ignoring a valuable demographic: Generation Z. Born between 1996 and 2010, Gen Zs grew up in an entirely digital world – “dial-up Inter-what??” – and they’re a totally unique breed of consumers.

Some major differences? They care less about bargains, they’re more entrepreneurial, and they have higher expectations than Millennials. They look to brands to guide their decisions. They also expect brands to be loyal to them, not the other way around.

Making up nearly 30% of the US population and contributing $44 billion to the economy, it’s clear that the “iGeneration” should be included in your content strategy. Which brings us to today’s Read – an eye-opening infographic about Gen Z’s digital behavior, like their trust in online personas vs. mainstream celebs and their #1, can’t-live-without social platform.

How will you keep up with these self-identified tech addicts?

Best Ads of 2017 (So Far)

In a sea of blubbering, bumbling, fumbling commercials, we’re always hype to see ads that pull at our creative heartstrings. Today’s Watch is a collection of some of most imaginative ads in 2017, from South Korea, Iceland, the UK, and the US. Starring chickens, chocolate, and charred Burger Kings, we hope they get your creative senses tingling, too.

“The importance of gratitude is never forgotten.”
Deborah Lee

Ads from the Past


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