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The pros & cons of personal branding.

The Pros & Cons of Creating a Personal Brand with Pat Flynn

My brand!

A personal brand doesn’t necessarily mean [your name here].com. Especially in a company setting, it’s important to stand out and rise above. Furthermore, with a personal brand, you’re constantly reminding people about the qualities that make you vital and unique.

“That’s your biggest advantage: you are you, and nobody is like you. When you can amplify those things that are unique about you, and they become a part of the image that you are sharing with others…then that helps you become your brand, and nobody can copy that.”

And that’s why Pat Flynn believes, in a sense, everyone should have a personal brand.

There’s no real recipe for knowing where to take your personal brand, but today’s Listen is full of advice for helping you start your brand journey. Plus, different definitions of personal brands, the conflicts you might face, tips for success, and examples of awesome personal brands.

  • (08:25) The thought experiment in Will It Fly? that helps you ask yourself “What are my superpowers?”
  • (09:35) The Shark Bait Test… How are you going to answer the question, “What is stopping me from hiring somebody to do exactly what you do?”
  • (12:25) What is your unfair advantage? What is it that you have, or your company has to offer, that nobody else can?
  • (13:28) What’s better? Creating a personal brand, or kind of creating a brand where maybe you’re working behind it, but you have a whole team?
  • (13:40) Pros to a personal brand.
  • (15:00) Why living in a world that’s all about people-to-people relationships makes personal brands so valuable.
  • (16:00) When and how P-to-P relationships really helped Pat.
  • (19:40) The personal touch Pat adds to each podcast.
  • (23:23) Why being personable and vulnerable helps your audience connect with you.
  • (24:22) Don’t be thwarted by negative comments — every second that you waste on a negative person is one second you take away from people who actually care about you and want to learn from you.

A ton more tips and stories for discovering your personal brand’s potential! →

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How To Make A Video Content Marketing Strategy

We’re not gonna sell you on the idea of adding video to your content marketing strategy today. You’re probably already sold. What we are going to do is help you build out your content strategy for video. We’ve talked about it before, but it’s worth stressing again — strategy is essential for success in marketing.

With the help of CoSchedule, we’re going to help you define that video strategy today. Right here, right meow.

Step #1: Define The Stories You Want To Share. It starts with “what?” What are you actually going to be recording for your audience?

Step #2: Strategize The Structure Of Your Videos. Things you need to nail down:

  1. Tone – Are you going to be serious, sarcastic, goofy, sassy, what is it?
  2. Structure – Is it a monologue, text-only, interview, or panel-discussion video?
  3. Music/sound effects – What are you going to use, when you’re going to use it, and where are you going to get it from. (Hint: use AudioBlocks for royalty-free stock audio).

Step #4 (we skipped #3): How Long Are Your Videos Gonna Be? This is important. Moz does longer videos, CoSchedule goes shorter. We recommend you keep it short, but have an impactful, useful takeaway at the end.

Step #5: Choose Your Distribution Outlets. So many options, where are you going to put it and when? YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Wistia, Vimeo, Twitter?

Step #6: Who’s going to record it? Are you just going to use a coworker’s smartphone, will you hire an in-house video editor, or are you going to work with a production studio?

Steps #7 & #8: Build a video content calendar and then record that video!

Step #9: Promotion. Share it on all social media platforms and put a little ad-spend behind it. Also, publish a blog post complete with show notes, transcript, and the video embedded.

Rowse and the Three Bears

Who isn’t familiar with Goldilocks and the Three Bears? It’s a fun story of breaking and entering, stealing, and property damage. Okay okay, not trying to rain on any fairy tales today.

Rowse, a brand of honey from the UK, decided to put their own spin on the classic story with their newest ad campaign. They made a few tweaks — like removing Goldilocks altogether and casting three burly men instead of bears…

In the ad, the “bears” are making a healthy serving of blueberry compote honey porridge — complete with Rowse honey, of course. And really, who better to make blueberry honey porridge than the porridge experts from the original fairy tale?

We’re not going to give everything away here, you’ll have to watch this one yourself.

“Banners have 99 problem and a click ain’t one.”
 Scott Sorokin

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