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Learn to Speak Millennial with SnapChat


Our team is always digging through the crate for exciting new podcasts. Today we stumbled across the Build Your Tribe podcast by Chalene Johnson. (Possibly due to our obsession with the word TRIBE)

In today’s interview, Brook Johnson, the founder of Unwrap Snap, discusses how Snapchat can become a great social learning tool.

He highlights how the platform teaches us to speak in 10 second sound bites, use different adjectives, and become more concise with our thoughts. Remember millennials only have 10 seconds to spare…

Brook tells why he has better success using Snapchat to create and edit his promotional videos opposed to using a pricey production studio.

Look out for the 5 biggest mistakes people make on Snapchat and get this – the average person on Snapchat views 300 Snaps each day!

The Truth about Button Color on Websites

How many times have you been in an argument with a coworker over what color a button should be on your website? You’ve both done research and come up with two different answers to one question. So what’s actually the correct color?

As it turns out, color doesn’t matter. What actually matters is visual saliency. That’s the term used to describe how much certain content “stands out” within a scene.

When it comes to website buttons, you need something that doesn’t blend in with the rest of your website to get maximum clicks. It’s a complex topic, but EyeQuant fully breaks it down in today’s Read.

Content Promotion Tips

Content promotion is the most important part of a content strategy. If you just published a great piece of content, you actually have to promote it to drive traffic to it. That’s more than just sharing it on social media.

 Today’s Watch is from Hubspot Academy. They go into some serious detail about how to actually drive traffic to your new piece of content. The best part: they outline tips that won’t cost you any money.

A few of their tips:

  1. Launch a remarketing ad campaign
  2. Send an email series out to your audience
  3. Perform outreach to people who link to similar content
  4. Answer questions on Quora

Warning: they filmed this in portrait mode (why do people still do that?), but the content is too good not to share.

“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.”
Chris Grosser

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